Only L$69.00 and sexy!

I decided since the weather has been coldish it would be a good time to do a past, present, and current sweater blog. As I hunted for a nice current sweater to purchase I came across a great steal for a sexy little number. So instead of the sweaters you get the details on this playfully sexy purchase!

.:LeeL:. Kolindur – Holiday Outfit – Promo – till christmas L $69

Buy the outfit here.

The boots are Stiletto Moody boots..she is my cousin so I get a good deal…but you can buy those here.

The pearl choker ~Muse~ Claris Pearl and Diamond Choker in Gold.

2 thoughts on “Only L$69.00 and sexy!

  1. I don’t think Stiletto Moody is your cousin, since I’ve known him since he came to SL, but you might want to check the fitting of the shoes; he has no more customer service as she left due to not being paid for over 1.5 years, so you will have to try your luck (best of luck with that) finding him online when he’s not jetting about to one country or another. I think it’s London this week. Yes, Stiletto is a he.

    • Ruby thank you for that information. And yes you caught me, Stiletto Moody isn’t really my cousin. It has just been an on going joke because my avatar name in SL is Affinity Moody. I suppose it is easy to miss the joke when one does not know my SL avatar name.

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